About Us

LibanGoods is a Lebanese brand under Vanguard Group company and team. This brand started as LibanFood since 2016 our vision and mission was to strengthening the disposal of confectionery goods from the Lebanese industry but because thee factories were not protected and supported by the Lebanese government, and because we were a mediator only between producer and consumable, we had best storage and a process and cycle with well-trained team equipped with a CRM software that’s cost us a lot and we had a big losses, so business activities on this matter had been freezed for a while.


Vanguard Group had international trading activities between as a side Poland and Middle East, Far East, and Africa countries from another side until we create our own brand of essential products and confectionery under the brand tag name LibanGoods after shipping essential products directly from the source to produce top quality with affordable price goods in Lebanon we reduce cost. Our target is to directly reach every house lady in Lebanon with a very good service.

At 2019 we start delivering inside Lebanon for beef, sheep, and chicken from our partner farms under Butcher House brand from the farm the house ladies that’s a big hit for home ladies and succeeded to make a good relation with high reputation under “best quality and price from the source”. In December 2019 we had worldwide crisis of Corona Virus, so after a highly request from our loyal house ladies to support them with delivery from the market for groceries and non-food groceries products we develop our delivery team to meet the needs of house ladies in best customer service in well trained delivery team with “best quality and price from the source”, then we built a website and application for e-commerce under a wide range of products to meet house lady’s needs.

LibanGoods Summary

LibanGoods is a Lebanese brand under Vanguard Group company. That ship essential products from the source to produce high quality with affordable price wide range of house ladies’ goods.